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Child Support and Child Custody Lawyer in Queens

Child support and child custody rulings usually establish one parent as the custodial parent, and provide the other with a schedule for parenting time. Crafting the parenting agreement intense, with visitation time with your own child hanging in the balance.  If you are going through a divorce in Queens, please contact us.

Over the years Mark I. Plaine has developed a solid reputation, gained from experience from handling many child support and child custody cases. He and his associates know how important your children are to you, and they apply skill and knowledge when presenting your point of view. divorce child support

Respected Queens Child Custody Attorneys

Custody law is gender neutral. Fathers have equal parenting rights as do mothers. The primary consideration of the courts always comes down to one thing: "the best interests of the child." This general phrase stands for a host of specific factors, including the age, sex and condition of the children, and what the two parents' homes are like. The court is interested in the child's own preference, but only if the child is of sufficient age and understanding to make such a statement. divorce attorney

Parenting Time - Relocations And Move-Aways - Custody Modifications

Some of the most difficult custody cases involve relocations of the custodial parent, also called move-aways. Relocations, especially across large distances, disrupt the notion of child visitation altogether.

In court, prevailing in a relocation case requires exceptional diplomacy and sensitivity. Therefore, it is vital to have a strong strategy when negotiating child custody matters.  Mark Plaine has a many years of experience at the bargaining table and presenting arguments before Family Court judges. child support

Experienced Child Visitation Attorneys

Disallowing visitation is rare, and it occurs only when access to the noncustodial parent would be detrimental to the child, as in cases involving criminal activity, alcohol and drugs, and mental illness. Even these cases are worth pursuing if the child's best interests require it. 

Since each situation is different, please contact the Queens child custody attorneys at the Law Office of Mark I. Plaine  at 718-268-0279 for an initial consultation. 

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